I come to you and deliver a workshop designed to meet your needs. Some examples include; Igniting the Fire Within (Find Your Passion), Moving Through Grief and Loss, Building Self Esteem and Self Confidence.

Workshops with Storytelling Figures

Join us in a workshop to explore your inner self by creating a funky, unique figure with wires, foam, thread, wool, fabrics and many, many trinkets, buttons, and beads.

Once your figure comes alive, takes shape spend some time getting to know him or her and creating his/her/it’s story. You will be amazed at what comes out during this process. This process works well when looking at making changes in ones life, building self esteem or self confidence or healing from some past trauma.

Contact me today to learn how to join a workshop. Or get 5-6 people together to create and build and have your own private session. Excellent idea for a team retreat or staff development day. We can create in your space or mine.